Somebody Save Syria

According to the Syrian Network of Human Rights and The Syrian Observatory of Human Rights,

  • Targeting of women and children in any civil war is one of the international standard of identifying the percentage of targeting civilians in a civil war. This percentage should not exceed 2%. In Syria, it is 5.2%. More than two and half times the number that is recognized in such wars.
  • Since the violence started until 31/12/2012, Syrian government forces have killed 3743 children.
  • Due to loss of their parents, more than 64,000 children have been orphaned.
  • 5000 Syrians die every month.

These numbers rise as you read this.

It’s been two and half years since the world knew that a civil war had erupted in Syria. A government trying to hold onto power, fighting rebels that refuse to give in it to them. However, if everyone in this world saw the documentary above, I doubt they wouldn’t feel the urge to do something about it. Be it a blog post from this writer or going to Syria and helping the people there, we as humans must do something. Anything!

I will not try to capture the horrific images of this documentary for you. It is something that needs to be experienced. Sitting at home or work in your cozy environments, when you watch this video I hope the human in you surfaces. It is an introspective journey through one’s sense of ideology and faith. Your practices and your actions in everyday life. So please! I implore you to watch this documentary and be humbled by your luck. You are so lucky to be accessing this blog and reading my thoughts, because the people of Syria are now merely trying to survive.

The Syrian government has been consistently trying to break the backbone of the resistance by doing one thing on a regular basis. Aerial bombing of schools, hospitals and densely populated areas. Killing unprecedented number of women and children. It is the worst human rights disaster of the century. The rules of war do not apply in Syria. The government does anything and everything it wants to. Chemical bombs,  incendiary weapons and other inhumane (illegal to use in over a 100 countries across the world) instruments of destruction continue to be used today.

Do they not realize that they are killing their own people? These maybe the words of an emotional writer, but the human in me cannot stay silent as I watch children walk out of schools with their flesh hanging from their bodies and their eyes filled with hopelessness. All of them asking one question: “Why? Why bomb us?” There is no answer to that question. Not a rational one, at least.

Somebody save Syria.


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