How far would you go in protest?

Protests erupt every single day. There’s some government doing something obscene over there and another not doing anything at all. Both of which are grounds for protests by the masses. Yet, protests come an go and life goes on (don’t bring up the Arab Spring. It doesn’t count! *looks sideways*).

For a real protest to make news you’ve got to think outside the box. Something so spectacular that it would make you laugh and cry at the same time. Humans are all about contradiction anyway, so having the viewer react with contrasting reactions at the same time is the best protest in my opinion.

So, what do you reckon? Does this count?

Now that’s one ballsy protest! Not only does Pavlensky invoke a range of human emotions, he hits the Russian government below the belt (I hope you got that). Nothing can make the manliest leader in the free world think twice about his government than a blow to his testosterone.

Sadly or hilariously, whichever way you want to see it, protestors are driven to do louder, more provocative stunts in order to get some attention. Pavlensky was right! We’re talking about it. So are there other, more creative protestors out there?

Protester Glues Himself to British Prime Minister

Dan Glass, the man whose name just stuck (pun intended) to news headlines in 2008, put superglue on his hand and duly attached himself to Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s cuff links. It wasn’t because he was the touchy-feely type I assure you. Apparently, he was against Airport expansion and was there to collect an award from the government!

“I’ve just superglued myself to your arm. Don’t panic. This is a non-violent protest,” he said. The prime minister freed himself after about 30 seconds, and took the stunt in good humour. What I like about this protest is that he comes off not as some crazy but as a suave almost James Bond like protestor. Well done man. Respect!

Greenpeace Trash Can Man Gets Arrested

I think one thing should be very very clear to Greenpeace – Don’t mess about in Russia!

Oh so you want to walk around as a Greenpeace trash can on the street? Sorry mate, you cannot! The man in the costume was doing absolutely nothing but walk down the street, but Russian authorities hate the human versions of Captain Planet with a passion. Hell, Captain Planet should have faced Putin! I know who would’ve won.

It’s a fantastic protest. Quite literally, the world sees the Greenpeace being taken into a Russian police van. The image is not that of a man going in, but a Greenpeace trash can. Message received! He certainly didn’t waste his time.

Biker Smashes into everything in the bike lane

Now that’s a protest! He damages property but does so legally! The icing on the cake being the final crash onto a cop car! Of course, he’s slightly of his head by willing to sacrificing his body for the sake of justice, but the point is well made.



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