Football Fever

The monsoons have nearly run its course, schools and colleges are well into their new academic years, and the monotony of everyday life is slowly setting in. Just when everybody had started getting their heads down for the daily grind, it is that time of the year again. The time of the year when everything that used to feel wrong starts to feel just right. Just as how the first Crocus flower breaks through the blanket of snow at the break of spring, inspires the artist. Nothing inspires the football fan more than the moment when the two teams walk out onto the green, proudly donning their respective colours in front of their roaring fans. It is a most indescribable feeling. Adrenaline races through the veins and the weight of expectation sets in. Breathing is suspended for a brief moment in time. A look of consternation masks the 22 on the pitch. The referee pulls out his whistle, acknowledges the crowd, raises it to his lips and then euphoria! This is the onset of a disease. Not one quite as damning as that mentioned in my previous post, rather one that is good for soul – Football Fever.


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