Are We Human?

Murder, rape, vandalism, theft, riot, arson, carnage, explosion, guns, bombs, killer, death…the list goes on. What am I talking about? Well I am merely stating words that appear in your local newspaper every other day. Words that are usually associated with loss of life or some other form of tragedy. Yet, these words mean nothing to us any more. We absorb all the information the newspaper has to offer like robots without actually feeling them. The gloriously complex human brain which allows us to feel deep, meaningful concepts like compassion or empathy turn into little more than computer scanners. Scanners for words that appeal to us. Words like cricket, film, song, sex, celebrity, car, bike et al. Words that invoke emotions as deep as the puddle of water you step over while going about your daily business. What happened to us? There was a time not too long ago, when the words mentioned at the beginning of this message would have sparked immediate outrage in our minds. I can still vividly recall how my grandmother reacted to a story I was telling her, the story of Anders Behring Breivik. A look of shock, followed by a few gasps and finally a morbid shake of the head. She was lost in her thoughts by the end of our conversation. Pondering over the plight of human kind. My grandmother is from a bygone era of morals and system. Yet, that wasn’t the reason why she reacted so strongly to my story. She lives in a fledgling town, at our ancestral home, safe from a complex new world. I say safe because she is from a dying breed of human beings that are yet to be contaminated. Contaminated by the social disease that has almost all of us in an iron grip. The contagion I speak of is called de-sensitization. It is a disease that develops over time.Like a cancer, subtly boring its way into the very heart of our humanity. Until we can feel no more and lose ourselves in a world of fear,cynicism and sarcasm. Are we there yet? Not quite, but the signs are ominous. How do we fight this disease you may ask? We must awaken our minds from this drone like state it has become accustomed to and point the fingers of blame on the one thing that has knowingly or unknowingly hastened the deterioration of man- The Media. It is much more than what meets the eye.


6 thoughts on “Are We Human?

  1. Ok.. so, on one hand you feel there is a lot of bad going on around and that we have become numb to it all. On the other hand you blame the media. How are they connected? Isn’t the media that is exposing (to a small extent at least) the bad goin on?

    • Yes, I see where you’re coming from. Yet, I’m thinking on a much larger scale. The media is a lot more than just news. Movies, video games, music ( to some extent), television shows all play a role in de-sensitizing us. There are a lot of the things I mentioned in my post that have become ‘cool’ to the new generation. Firing infinite bullets, philandering around with gorgeous women on a daily basis, smoking Mary Jane, chugging barrels of beer have all become ‘cool’. I’m no saint, I indulge in a few things too, but my morals keep me grounded. Do you see where I’m coming from? The de-sensitizing process is so subtle, its hardly noticeable.

      • ” We must awaken our minds from this drone like state it has become accustomed to and point the fingers of blame on the one thing that has knowingly or unknowingly hastened the deterioration of man- The Media.”
        -When the media has extremely powerful ways to shape up the society; how easy/difficult is it for “us” to wake up from the situation?

  2. nice start dude…. since there is a lota talk on how we have all become less human cudnt resist….. werent we always like this?
    isnt this an inherent feeling? when have we ever cried over violence?
    from time immemorial havent we always applauded the alexanders and the chenghiz khans? like all animals arnt we also extremely satisfied wen our desires are met and needs are satisfied? the real question being what is being human? sensitive or satisfied?

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