A Politicians Guide: How to Screw up and Still be Liked

The Mayor of Toronto, Rob Ford is an anomaly. He’s the Higgs Boson of politics. There had been overwhelming consensus since the dawn of modern statecraft, that someone like him could not possibly exist. Something so fundamental could not possibly be more wrong for it makes up building blocks of all political sense. And then..

Bam! It happened! One man was brave enough to smash the two highly charged particles, the words “drunken stupor” and “crack”, at terrible speed and all in one breadth.

A video had popped up of Rob Ford seemingly ‘high’ on cocaine.and After he made the statement a few weeks ago, his approval ratings shot up.

How is this possible??

It’s one of those things that George Bush Sr would have probably been whispering into his little boy’s ears ever since he turned rebellious – “Son. No matter what you do. No matter if you bomb Iraq and Afghanistan to smithereens. Don’t ever get drunk in public or admit to taking drugs!”

I’m sure George Bush Jr never did take any illegal substances during his time, but one would think twice if one saw some of his youtube videos. That’s a discussion for a day long gone..

Rob Ford should be hated by his people. But he’s not. Well not all of them. Up until a week ago, his approval rating was over 40%.

He hasn’t resigned and refuses to do so. The City Council has taken away most of his powers, but he’s still..well…Mayor!

The man even made this happen:

Admittedly, many of them are inebriated and the group comprises mostly college kids, but not all of the 40 odd per cent giving the thumbs up to Ford are drunk football fans. A frightening thought eh?

A New Political Theory?

What Ford has managed to do is unknowingly create a whole new paradigm to crisis management – Admit your mistakes openly! I’m sure the geniuses at Pope and Associates would disagree. Anyone seen Scandal?

So if Anthony Weiner had come out the way Rob Ford had, would things have been different?

What makes Rob Ford especially unique is that he has done a slew of unsavoury public acts that would have normally damned any political aspirant. These are the kind of articles you’ll find about him – 42 Remarkable Moments from Toronto mayor’s career.

Yet, he manages to turn things around over and over again. How?

I think it’s the blatant and careless honesty that saves him. People are all too disillusioned with politicians using their clout to cover up conspiracies and having their way in the end. Here they see a man who stands naked in front of them. Stripped of all facades, clothed in not much more than his pride and dignity.

So the theory goes, if you are guilty of any wrongdoing you must come forth and admit every mistake. Plead for forgiveness and lay your fate in the hands of the public. Maybe by giving the people a sense of power, unexpectedly and seemingly selflessly, you might be able to get through it.

I’m sure, Rob Ford is going to lose his place as mayor soon enough, but the fact that he has survived so long is testament to this new theory. Perhaps if it was only a picture of his privates, he might have saved his career.


One thought on “A Politicians Guide: How to Screw up and Still be Liked

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