Ask Someone: Heard about Typhoon Haiyan?

Does that look normal to you?

Does that look normal to you?

Two weeks ago, the answer to the question would have been: “My God, yes. How can you not know man! 10,000 dead! Climate change man..we’ve got to do something about this..:”

Give it a few more weeks and the answer will be less encouraging. It’s the nature of the world we live in. Rather, it’s the nature of the business that is News. Now is all that matters.

November 8, was the day the largest ever  cyclone smashed into the Philippines. The city of Tacloban (spelt Ta-CLO-bin, emphasis on the ‘CLO’. Unlike how most of the media reports, which is Ta-clo-BAAN) was pulverized and that everybody knows. However, there are many rural areas that only now are getting medical aid. Now! November 22! Imagine what those people would have undergone. No real source of food or water. No normalcy.

So, guess what the news nowadays look like?

Britain (England) : ‘Co-op Bank affair’, JFK, ‘Slaves’ freed from 30 years of oppression in household.

USA                            :  JFK mania. I went to the Fox News website, one of America’s biggest news outlets, and tried to find the key word – Philippines. Guess how many times it came up? Go there and press ‘Ctr+F’ or ‘command+F’ to get the finder. Then type in the word and discover..

India                          : ‘Tehelka Editor charged with rape’, ‘Cylcone Helen’ and many many others. Go to the newly revamped NDTV website (one of India’s biggest news outlets) and find the words related to Haiyan. As Google says: “Feeling Lucky?”

Over 5000 confirmed dead

All this, in the wake of new revelations or rather expected revelations that over 5000 people have been confirmed dead in the Philippines. That ought to pull a few heart strings, but the news hasn’t made a big deal out of it yet so who cares!

“In the first week we can say we were in the emergency room. This second week we are now in the ICU, still critical but stabilised.”  – That’s how one Filipino government official described their plight at this moment in time.

There’s plenty to report in Tacloban. Plenty to report from the rural areas that are only now getting aid from workers on the ground. Oh just letting you know, they didn’t get aid because they couldn’t be reached, communication lines were destroyed and transport infrastructure was almost completely annihilated. These people having been suffering unimaginable pain and loss. They’re no longer in the news because they aren’t current anymore. Just saying.


IMAGE: Courtesy of Flickr. Licensed by Creative Commons.


4 thoughts on “Ask Someone: Heard about Typhoon Haiyan?

  1. Its like the “Thats so 2 minute and 48 seconds ago” for news, its like they wanna distract us all thats actually happening, with all thats “in”

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