Is that light at the en……Of course not.

So the Congress government has decided that it’s time to play that old trick. That old ‘one-two’ – Ordinance to Puppet President.

When the Supreme Court came down on the corrupt with a damning verdict in June, Indians across the country rejoiced. With candle-light marches and month-long fasts against corruption still fresh in the memory this ruling, the last bastion of moral authority in Indian public office, the Supreme Court, brought joy to the people. Though, it has only been a fleeting moment before the gregarious Congress party has decided to pass an ordinance to protect corrupt politicians.

The ordinance reeks of a desperate Congress party trying to sure up its allies. You forget one thing ‘UPA II’, the legal grounds for your ordinance is shaky at best! In order for an ordinance to be valid there needs to be an “Emergency” situation. So creating an ordinance just so that your crucial allies are spared from the clutches of a damning judgement by the SC is not exactly an emergency. Wait, of course it is! Especially when it’s election year right?

Does the government really think that after three years of soul-scarring scandals, the Indian public will watch it try to save it’s own hide with an almighty ordinance (which, by the way, is meant to be a temporary ‘crisis’ law) and vote them back into power? Simple answer is…Yes! We are a stupid people. We think with our hearts and feel with our tears.

The situation does seem hopeless doesn’t it? However, it is worth mentioning that one Union Minster broke rank and spoke his mind. Yet, you can be certain that he will be tamed in no time.

Yes. This post ends with nothing but abject disillusionment of government and all encompassing disappointment.

Let us all hope and pray that maybe the ordinance, when it’s signed, will be struck down by the Supreme Court. But, you see there lies a problem. The SC is like an honourable Samurai who will not break his code. If the Congress party can argue with enough grounds then the SC will allow the ordinance to stand. No matter how despicable the ordinance, the SC will not intervene. It will stick to its code of honour. Maybe a samurai isn’t what we need. We need a guerrilla fighter to take down corruption. Something the Supreme Court of India can never be. It is a victim of its own justice.


2 thoughts on “Is that light at the en……Of course not.

  1. Great words arjun….. but wish you had put in a few words of praise – just as you have for the SC – for the principal opposition party the BJP….. who were the only to oppose this ordinance. 🙂

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