Lean News Day? Never!

What is a lean news-day? Its an excuse given by television news companies so as to accommodate hysteria and sensationalism. You Know? To spruce up the TRP’s. The very idea that ‘there isn’t any better news out there’ is offensive. There’s always something newsworthy. You just need a dedicated team willing to get it. A good example of how this disease called the ‘lean news-day’ was demonstrated by India’s number one news channel,NDTV 24×7 (as proclaimed by them).

Believe it or not, they ran this story for TWO entire days. This is what the entire nation sees on t.v. An excerpt from youtube.


That’s not headline material! Let me put this in perspective. This particular piece of news is nothing special. Murders happen all the time. Especially so in a city like Delhi. Take this for a statistic: 1 in 4 rapes in Indian cities takes place in Delhi. ‘That is a shocking statistic!’ – You just thought (or something along those lines); there’s nothing much to report huh? Why doesn’t NDTV cover those incidents everyday then? What about the dozens of farmers killing themselves across the country? P.Sainath would be more than happy to let NDTV take some of the load off his shoulders.

The media oughto take a long hard look at their priorities. It is too seasonal to be an effective guardian of public welfare. Scams hit the news every other day. Why? because that’s TRP gold. Sometimes, the scam doesn’t exist, and that is where credibility hangs in the balance. Its a dangerous game. The media purports itself to be the all knowing goodness who fights for the people. Yet, no deed is altruistic; especially in business.


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