Facebook turning Farcebook

Facebook- With a staggering 800 million users worldwide, it is far and away, the most influential force in the online cosmos. It has come to be an essential part of our daily lives. Finding out what the world has to say about you or anything in general has almost become ritual to Facebook users. Here is a world where everybody knows everybody, and if they don’t they’re just a ‘friend request’ away from doing so. Perfect human connectivity right? I’m afraid not. Facebook has another side to it that is slowly becoming a progressive trend. People using Facebook give so much importance to what their profile looks like or how many people ‘like’ their ‘status updates’ or even how many ‘friends’ they’ve accumulated, that they’ve come to lose sight of the larger picture- It’s only a website. They get so involved with their virtual world that they lose sight of reality and life on Facebook becomes life itself, and life is so much more than words and picture.

Why do you ‘like’ something?

Usually, you click that little button to express your liking for something. By and large it is the only reason why people click that button. There is however, a growing trend where people ‘like’ something out of peer pressure. Let me illustrate.

All the friends in your group like a certain picture. You don’t necessarily like that picture but you ‘like’ it anyway. Why? Because you must. If you don’t ‘like’ that picture, your friend is going to assume you don’t like it, which is unfair because you think nothing of it. Next thing you know, he starts ignoring you for no apparent reason. 

This particular trend is mostly seen in young adolescents who desperately try to seek approval from one and all in an attempt to validate themselves. They ‘like’ to be ‘like’ed in return. Its articles like these that drive them further into this obsession.

Weirdly though, there exists peer pressure even among adults as this article will tell you.

‘Like’ it because you do not because you have to!


Pics = likes = 😀 = 😦

In a study conducted in 2009, it was calculated that over 750 million photos were uploaded to Facebook over New Year’s weekend. This astounding fact raises a very fundamental question. Why? Why is there a compulsive need to showcase your every moment to the world? More and more people have started taking pictures not to capture important memories but rather for their Facebook profiles. The idea is sound, your friends and family can see for themselves what you experienced first-hand. Their opinion is completely justified, but what about all those stalkers prowling the galleria of Facebook?

This is a very good example of how a simple, random comment from someone can have a profound effect on your life. What I find most interesting is that she took the random person’s word as gospel and began to lament the state of their marriage without any real proof!

Whatever happened to common sense?!

A Cancer in English

Speaking of common sense, there are those out there still trying to protect the English language. These grammar Nazis are out in force, fighting the scourge of text lingo; once only limited to mobile phones, text lingo is slowly conquering social media and along with it, the English language. This is one instance where the grammar Nazi hilariously puts down an ‘offender’ 😀Funny Facebook Fails


By and large, Facebook is a wonderful idea; a tremendous innovation that has ushered in a new era of global connectivity. Yet, it is progressively conditioning entire generations of human beings to think friends are all about the number of ‘likes’ he gives you or the number of ‘friends’ you gather; the virtual realm will one day stop becoming virtual.


2 thoughts on “Facebook turning Farcebook

  1. So, let me get this straight.. do you want me to FB like/share this article, +1 on Google +, follow it on twitter or would that defeat the purpose of the article . lol

    • Haha…No, Its not that I’m against ‘like’ing, just it’s careless, nonsensical usage; much like the word- Legend.

      Oh and yes, please feel more than welcome to do any of the aforementioned sharing/publicity techniques 😀

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