Uh…That’s not right!

American politics and American media have had a long and cordial relationship. Unlike in India, where we expect the media to be unbiased,just and noble; where any case of the media helping the politician is considered a strict and emphatic ‘no-no’. In America, the political bias is crystal clear. The lines are clearly drawn on the sand for the whole world to see. In this case, the media I speak of is the television media. News Corp’s FOX NEWS is pro-Republican, MSNBC is pro-Democrat and CNN usually following the middle path. MSNBC and FOX NEWS regularly slug it out when it comes to upholding the policies and politicians they support and protect; with each channel attacking the other’s interests. So it came as some surprise when I watched a recent episode of ‘THE DAILY SHOW with JOHN STEWART’ online, of just how united these three media houses were on covering Ron Paul in the recent Iowa Straw Polls held at Ames, Iowa.

Okay, for all those who don’t fully understand the scenario, I suggest you read this.

Now, I watch the Daily Show regularly. It is a political satire themed programme hosted by comedian, John Stewart. I watch it because it manages to give the ground reality of American politics in the most humourous of ways. Every joke has irony and sarcasm etched into it. You could say the show is slightly pro-democrat but I’ve watched enough of the Daily Show to know that as soon as a Democrat finds himself in hot water. Rest assured, the Daily Show will capitalise and add fuel to the fire. You see, the Daily Show thrives not on Democratic agenda flourishing. Rather, it is the comedy that is more important. So I suggest you start watching it too. Its entertainment and sense rolled in one hilarious package.

So let me get to it! I want you all to watch the first 10 minutes of this video, I promise you, it’s worth your time. John Stewart and his team manages to point out just how biased reporting can get. To cover the Straw Poll results as if Ron Paul didn’t exist was criminal considering the vote count. Why all three media houses completely ignore Ron Paul is beyond me. Even better, I see no political motive on behalf of CNN. Is there an MOU between the three? I don’t know what the deal is!


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